My Pictures

Here are a few picture that I have taken. Nothing too exciting but some have inspired poetry. Feel free to let them inspire you!




I snapped this photo of a bird in my mother’s tree,
which of course inspired a short poem.

Bird in my mother’s tree,
sitting there so peacefully,
is it you that mocks me,
you that ever taunts me?
Bird in my mother’s tree.

Written by Phenix JiRa








This photo was taken at the Japanese Gardens in Portland Oregon. It’s a beautiful place to visit. So quiet and peaceful. You want to stay there forever… or at least until the boredom of doing nothing overwhelms you.







This photo was taken on a road trip between states. Long desert roads with seemingly nothing to see. There is beauty there it’s just not always obvious.

Poem: Just out of reach







This is the avatar I created for myself. It’s a phoenix with JiRa written under it.

Get it? Phenix JiRa?

Most awesome. 😉






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