About Phenix JiRa



My poetry is posted here on this blog as well as on my main site PhenixJira.


I created this postage stamp of the Internet to display my poetry. My writing dates back as far as
1983 but it wasn’t until 2010 when I realized what type of writing makes me the happiest.

Once I allowed myself to write whatever I wished rather than worrying what others thought, much
changed for me. I am still in need of improvement but I’m on the right track.

My pen names on the Internet have consisted of Phenix.Jira, Phenix JiRa, and JillStar
but you can call me Jill (or JiRa).

Main site: PhenixJiRa

Why Phenix JiRa as a pen name?

Phenix is a special spelling of the mythical bird, phoenix. I identify with the bird and it’s life cycle,
although I have not determined how to come back from the ashes. JiRa is a combination of my first
and last name and was a way of identifying myself without actually opening up my identity to the
real world. My first name is Jill, if you haven’t guessed.


“Words are colors seen within the mind. The colors we see can be manipulated by the words we use,
whether in writing or in speech. Choose your words and your colors wisely, for those who hear your
words, see colors of their own.” by Phenix Jira









2 thoughts on “About Phenix JiRa

    1. I’ve found the phoenix interesting for several years. Three lives already? Hopefully you’ll continue the trend. 😉
      I wouldn’t say I’m old but my kids bring me back down to reality when I realize how old they are.


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