Dystopia and Me


I live in the tower just off to the right,
the view from here, not so bad.
Truth be told, craziness resides there.

When a bulb burns out, it’s never replaced.
Darkness overtakes it even during the heat of midday.
Insects of all description love the heat mixed with haze.
They may even be attracted to despair,
of which, there is much at every level.

Some tenants throw rotten fruit at me,
as I’m one of the poorest of the destitute.
I live on the second floor,
one of the most insolvent levels.
But I am not as bad off as those above me,
many make their way back down at high speed;
their lives ended by the touch of cement.

There are less and less of us here
in the aftermath of management takeover.
Many believe it was sudden,
that we had no warning but we were all idiots!
It started decades ago
when people said yes to everything.
Never thinking of consequences
or understanding that the more you give up,
the more they take.

Today there is nothing more
to take from us,
other than our wretched lives.
Even that seems unimportant
to those who fly 14 floors down.
They’ve taken away hope and dreams
for no one seems to remember what dreaming is.

I can’t tell you when I dreamed last, if I ever have,
but I can tell of my nightmares that occur every day.
No one protects us without giving something in return.
Will I escape this horrible place,
is there sanctuary anywhere on this filthy planet?

Standing on the hill looking back
I wonder if I will remember their names
or if they will remember mine; or notice that I’m gone.

Heaven help the one who tries to catch me.

Written 3/12/2016
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