Can You Decipher My Cipher?


In answer to your query,
I live alone in your future’s past,
in silence and secret.
Tomorrow is a day I dread to meet,
so this letter I send in hopes you receive it.
A peculiar man follows me every moment I am awake
and watches me as I sleep.
He is assigned to me like a doctor to his patient
or a teacher to her student.
Never approaching, never speaking;
and certainly always just out of my sight.
Your letter arrived last week with warnings
and questions too numerous to recall.
My answer lives within this sealed envelope
though I doubt you will understand; at first.
Are you as smart as I believe,
able to solve puzzles and keys and ciphers?
If you can decipher my riddle perhaps the future will be saved;
perhaps the past will be released.
Please, my friend, understand my message.

[Letter reads as follows… ]

Dear friend,

Thank you for your letter asking about the things I enjoyed as a child and now as an adult. Having you as my pen pal has been a wonderful adventure and I hope to one day meet you in person, though I’m certain that won’t happen. Keep in mind, these are only a few of the things you asked about and I have written them as a poem. Please ignore the first of each sentence that repeats over and over but I didn’t know how else to start each line. I’m not a great poet, as you can see.

Oh, and in answer to your query about the different things in my life. I have 7 cousins, all boys (if you can imagine) and 6 aunts and uncles. I have had 4 pets in my life so far but my last cat had 8 kittens which I had to get rid of 3 months ago or the landlady was going to throw me out on the street. I’ve had 9 different jobs but only 1 that I truly enjoyed. At the age of 10 I had my first surgery because I fell and lost one of my molars which became infected. Just last month, 7 of my former classmates decided to run in a marathon which took 9 hours for them to finish. I’m sure you had more questions but at the moment I don’t recall and need to send off this letter.

And here’s my silly poem… hope you like it!

I Enjoy”

I enjoy the sun as it likes to set but the sunrise is my favorite,
I enjoy coffee but hot chocolate with him is the best,
I enjoy puppies but kittens on my lap are my friends,
I enjoy swimming in the pool but an open fire is relaxing.
I enjoy teaching children and learning from them is a joy,
I enjoy scooping dirt into a pile but love to scatter seeds.
I enjoy the smell of roses but a spring rain is refreshing,
I enjoy the aroma of my father’s cigar but hate the ashes on the table.
I enjoy expressing myself in letters but music at the opera is my passion.
I enjoy walking to the park but running along the sea is my dream.

Hope to hear from you soon,
Your friend in time.

[End of letter/Cipher]

Written 3/6/2016
Inspiration: MagPie 308

Message to those who are reading this, please comment regarding this particular piece. I’m interested in whether or not it is clear what I am trying to portray. This is not my usual writing style or focus as this is half poetry, half very short story. This could be taken into the direction of a story, more than likely fantasy or sci-fi and I’m curious if others can see that as well.


8 thoughts on “Can You Decipher My Cipher?

  1. To me it is not clear what you are trying to betray, but my mind is more prosaically analytical than cunning, especially where the placement of ciphers like a code are concerned. I noticed too that your poem was written in a series of opposites, thus, contradicting almost cancelling every statement made. And the one who is watching left me with a sneaking suspicion that this was more like a psychiatrist than any stalker. Regardless, you’ve kept me guessing though I’m perhaps well off the mark. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Shers! I appreciate the detailed comment! I had a few people read it and were able to figure it out but only after I gave hints. It’s okay… it’s an experiment in writing so I’m okay with it at this point. If I want to make it into a story, I’ll get out the measuring stick and straighten it out a bit!


    1. EL! Hey there!
      Well, no… not a parent that’s passed but poetry is always personal and interpreted by different people differently. I was thinking more fantasy… one person living in the past and the other living in the future. The person giving a hidden message to the person in the future (or vice versa, I guess). 🙂


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