Help Me Wake


The devil ran his fingers
down my spine
and death washed over me.
Standing here in the endless winter
of my non-existence,
Forgotten to the world that once was,
I slip into a coma
and drift into muted memories.
Pictures of what used to be,
moments ago,
years ago,
eons ago;
it’s impossible to say.
Speaking without a voice,
never hearing
the flutter of companionship.
is unknown to me here,
touching has no meaning.
Understanding the truth of it,
accepting that life is gone;
Impossible to live
within death’s realm,
difficult to disappear
from the devil’s eyes.
Watching me
without blinking,
whispering things unimaginable.
Mind games are as common
as breathing once was,
I’m certain I must be dead.
and if not, where am I?
Pretend you are here with me,
anyone at all,
please hear my desperate cry,
tell me,
won’t you,
how do I escape?

Written 3/4/2016


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