Update 3/3/16

I’m working on getting back into my writing. Moving to a new location stalled me a bit but I’m working hard with my writing group (Fast Fiction Friday) to get myself back in the groove.

Writing poetry is an important part of my life and allows me to work through whatever comes before me.

With all that is happening in the world, writing is a wonderful way of dealing with feelings and expressing myself without coming undone on those around me. It seems that so many people love to attack others for their beliefs, no matter what the subject. It’s as if people make it their goal to find the weakness in others and then dig a hole inside that weakness in order to destroy. It’s enormously frustrating and the Internet has given us a window into the souls of others. It may be easy to hide behind a computer screen, but sooner or later the truth of a person’s soul will show itself to the world and others will know who they are.

My challenge to all writers is to write in order to improve yourself, don’t write to destroy others.

Happy Writing… Move Forward!


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