Ironic Tyranny


Over her shoulder she hears them laugh at her.
Their ignorance of hardship and famine
echoes across the courtyard and into her ear.
They know nothing!

It wasn’t always like this for her.
She was ironically just like them several years in the past.
Pointing at the girls within the market
who were made to gather for their families or employers.
They were beneath her, they were nothing but rats and scavengers.

She finds it impossible to feel those thoughts today.
She realizes that their lives are not of the real world.
They live a lie thinking that the small folk are something to taunt.
They offer their advice to the world,
as if the world actually cares what they think.
Why would a world of real people
integrate that which imposters wish to impose upon them.

They know nothing of work, nothing of hunger,
nothing of living without the comforts of luxury.
Oh, their words make them sound caring,
make them sound as if they understand.
They rally around officials pretending to care for the lowly.
Yet as with all tyrannical people pretending to amenable,
they cut off anyone who does not fall in line with their ideals,
their demands for making all beneath them equal with each other,
yet never rising to their own level.

Ironic, the place she lives now, in the real world;
Alas, she would never trade a moment of it to go back,
to be so ignorant and hateful,
to be so condescending and judgmental,
to be self-righteous while making deals with the devil.

She shakes her head,
knowing that so many would venture to assume
they know which of these foul people she speaks of,
when in reality, she is speaking of them.

Written: 3/1/2016

Inspiration: MagPie 296


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