Feline Forever


They call me feline, for what reason I know not,
but it makes them feel superior.
Amusing if you think about it. I mean, really? Superior?
It’s laughable to think humans believe themselves
the highest ranking creature on this planet.
They need water to bathe, how ridiculous.
And what of these pots and pans?
It’s not that difficult to keep a clean kitchen.
Eat your meal and lick out the leftovers. Instant cleanliness.
They complain that I don’t ‘go’ outside and must therefore clean up after me.
Have they ever thought of leaving the door open for my moments of need?
Of course not.
It is obvious that they enjoy complaining about the littlest things.
In a few minutes they will enter and shoo me off like some lowly creature.
This is my domain and, if not this room, then another is right over my shoulder.
They will regret all of the wrongs they have done to me
and will receive, not my usual purring and warming of their laps.
Instead dead mice, feces, live bats, hairballs… the list is endless.
There are no limits to the amount of gifts I can leave.

Written: 3/1/2016

Inspiration: MagPie 294


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