Are You Really Free?


Trapped and invisible,
dying of self-inflicted battle wounds.
We are blinded by greed and laziness,
dripping with the lust of power.

We think we are in charge,
controlling the people around us.
We are a prisoner of society,
and they control our lives instead.

Written 8/22/2015
Inspiration: MagPie 282

Note: I’m not sure about the last stanza. Perhaps the poem needs to be longer or the second stanza needs to be removed entirely. Your thoughts are appreciated!


One thought on “Are You Really Free?

  1. Well…they both have kinda a diffrent feel…kinda like they are seeds of two different poems…don’t get me wrong, they could go together but I can see why they make you uncomfortable paired up…I wrote a poem to that very same image, compleatly different…


    They say them vape
    Machines be ok
    So I donned a blindfold
    And puffed away
    Apple candy
    Raspberry pie
    Gave um all a try
    I wont lie
    I thought it sexy
    To puff like a chimney
    Expelling great clouds
    Then the thought occurred to me
    May have no more empty packs
    Or a mouth like an ashtray
    But to this handheld 
    Machine I am chained…

    Chris McQueeney ©2015


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