Crystal Ball Creation

A quick note: This poem was written based on a one word prompt… solidify. I thought the limit was 40 lines however it was only 40 words. I’m posting the original poem of 24 lines and then the revised poem of 39 words. It’s an amazing chore to shorten one’s work and still keep the original message.

Original Poem

Twisting and turning around her life
like the tornado miles away,
the air surrounds her,
moving faster than she can see.

The wind caresses her face,
shoves her shoulders,
slaps her thighs,
forces her to go where it wishes.

The world spins around her
as the magician creates what he desires.

Spinning and dancing,
she has become the wind,
she is the air that suffocates her;
faster, until she cannot see.

The Earth has left her feet,
the sky has abandoned her body.

The magician holds her in his hands,
she is locked within his crystal ball.
As night falls she sits upon his vacant shelf
like a newly purchased dust collector.

She is the fortune teller
trapped in a mass of emptiness.
She is the one who knows all,
doomed to do nothing about it.

Re-Written Poem

Twisting and turning
the air surrounds her
forcing her to go where it wishes.
The magician works his magic,
like the devil to his minions.
She is the fortune teller, the crystal ball,
trapped in a mass of emptiness.

Both written 7/24/2015




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