The Couple Who Lived Down the Lane

Mag_John Frederick Peto

They sat in their matching wicker chairs
on the front stoop watching the world go by.

They sipped iced tea and ate her homemade cookies
while chatting about things that happened years in the past.

They held hands and pointed towards the sky
talking about birds, the clouds, and far off stars.

They speculated about distant countries and what people did there
but never felt the urge to leave their small town.

They were often seen at the local café having Sunday brunch,
she wearing her wide brimmed hat and carrying her handmade bag.

They looked forward to their Wednesday evenings dinners
and he protected her with his umbrella as they walked home.

They watched dog shows and wagered on the possible winner
and enjoyed documentaries about the rainforest and ocean creatures.

They longed for the holidays when family would come to visit
bringing the newest addition wearing bright bonnets and matching booties.

They talked about the afterlife and traveling there someday
and they left for that promised home on the very same afternoon.

They flew above the trees with the birds and into the beautiful clouds
venturing off into the far off stars where dreams exist.

They were one in life and one beyond the knowing of it
and are now on a new front stoop watching the world go by.

Written 5/25/2015

Inspiration: Magpie’s Mag 271


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