For I Have Wings

Mag_ulrike bolenz

Vulnerable and free,
I fly naked among the demons surrounding my life.
They slash at me and miss,
they hiss at me and I ignore them.

Once I was like them,
fastened to the ground,
held down by gravity.
I broke free from the chains
that held me so closely to the land
and I soared.

Ascending higher than the trees can reach,
higher than the mountains can see,
through the clouds and the misty blue.

Vulnerable only in so much that when I descend
to view that which I have left behind,
they can see me; my nakedness exposes my freedom.

But alas, it does not matter,
for I have wings and no one can catch me.
I have wings and no one can hurt me;
No one can imprison me,
for I have wings and the demons matter not.

Written 5/17/15
Inspiration: Magpie’s Picture Prompt #270

NOTE: This is what writing is to me, what it means and how free it makes me. Posting my writing for the world to see makes me vulnerable but it also frees me and when I’m free, I can conquer any challenge.


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