Hunger’s Purpose


Are you lost?

No, I am in search of hunger.

Hunger is not a person.

Hunger is a many things, a feeling, an action;
sometimes an enemy causing great harm.

Why search out an enemy?

I wish to tame it.

Seems risky.


Why take the chance?

Without hunger, I just wait for death.
No reason to continue;
an empty belly that needs no nourishment.

You need a purpose.

Hunger thrives on purpose.

Find a purpose and hunger may follow.

If I find hunger, a purpose will appear.

So foolish; they are not easily matched like a puzzle.
You must convince them to work together.


That is your internal struggle, not mine.

Not helpful!

True, but I am just a tree living in a forest,
that you view through a magic window.
It is your quest, not mine.


Written 5/2/2015

Inspiration: Magpie Picture Prompt #262


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