Reflect Not


I keep you hidden within these walls
never letting you see me,
never letting you see yourself.

A broken reflection of what could be,
but never is.

Is it me you think you see,
is it you inside of yourself.
Colors elude you.

Is it me you fear as I steal your soul away;
stolen into the bitter cold of my embrace.

Do you long to feel my hands caress your face,
my legs crush your back,
my blade slash your throat?

Look deep within the stillness of my lake,
deep within the towering glimpse of my mountains,
deep within the far reaches of my stars.

Pull yourself up from your uncertainty,
don’t listen to words of warning.

I am all that you need,
I am the truth,
I am the lie,
I am the distant future of your existence
and your profound fear of your final breath.

By Phenix JiRa

Inspiration: Magpie Takes Picture Prompt #266


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