Her Final Breath

In her final nightgown of blue,
she lay upon her lonely bed,
now empty of her lover long ago
gone to the arms of heaven.

Her grasp loosened upon the sheets
now lain gently over her frail body.

A coolness of her maker’s breath,
brushing her silvery hair back
to show the many glorious years,
of joy and pain and fulfilled dreams.

Her loving smile upon her soft face
now free of uncertainty and fear.

She draws in her final breath,
feeling the warmth of love in her soul,
now filled with the wisdom to float on clouds
where her lover awaits with a tender kiss.

by Phenix JiRa
Written January 10, 2011

prompt: death written softly


2 thoughts on “Her Final Breath

  1. That was really sweet 🙂 Even after her lover died she was able to keep living her life until she met him again one day, and had no fear of death.


  2. Thanks Mark. I liked this challenge because so often when we write about death, it's negative or dark and ugly. This was soft and beautiful and without regret.


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