I Let You Die

Vettriano, Jack, Yesterday's Dreams

They said I would regret it
but I only listened to those
who said it was for the best.

Now years later
I look upon the world
and wonder what would have been.

Red hair and ruby lips?
Golden locks and blue eyes?
Freckles and cute little dimples?

A girl, a boy,
a child to change my world?

I push the regret back
to the depths of my memory,
day after day trying to forget.

The calendar reminds me,
even the numbers
on every clock as it hits 4:11.

April 11th,
the day that changed my life,
the day I let you die.

by Phenix JiRa

Picture Prompt: Mag 126


10 thoughts on “I Let You Die

  1. I don't think that this is something a person would ever truly be able to get over. Telling yourself it was for the best is the only real way to even try. It doesn't help much though. I really feel sorry for everyone who has to make that choice. It's one of the reasons I hate people who are against it, and make them feel even worse. They feel bad enough about what they did, they don't need more people punishing them for it.


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