There I stood

I turned the corner of this place,
turned it quick and saw my face.
Standing there with nary a clue,
I couldn’t understand it, would you?

I blinked twice or perhaps it was more,
taking in a deep breath, I slammed the door.
I thought to run and get out of there,
but whispered to myself, a sweet little dare.


“Open the door”, I said to myself,
“Open the door and see if it’s an elf.”
Slowly I turned the brass knob again,
inching it open, I saw her, wearing a big grin.


It was me, truly, I tell you no lie.
It was me staring at me, and not some other guy.
I cannot fathom such a strange occurrence,
nor could I gather the courage, to move even an inch.


And then it happened, I heard it plain as day,
she asked me the question I was afraid to say.
“Who are you and why are you wearing my face?”
“Hell I don’t know,” I said, and sprayed her with mace.


April 2, 2005
Rewritten October 25, 2010 – This one cracks me up… not sure why I wrote it and it doesn’t sound quite right to me but… it still makes me laugh just the same. I may still work on this one to get the flow a little more to my liking. Perhaps.  :o)

3 thoughts on “There I stood

  1. I didn't see that ending coming that's for sure 🙂 But I think if you want to look in to it then everyone tells you to open the door and see what's on the other side.


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