Blessing of Murder

Redon Odilon Ophelia

Lovely, one word to describe her death.

Some would say that was a cruel thing to say,
but in truth, she was ugly to her depths.

So suiting, she should drown so violently.

So inspiring, that nature would rise up against her,
strike her down before she hurt anyone else,
keep her outside beauty from ruining yet another life.

She used love in such an ugly, vulgar way.

Blessing, one word to describe her murder.

by Phenix JiRa
Written July 1, 2012

Prompt: Mag 124


10 thoughts on “Blessing of Murder

  1. This is a chillingly true poem…there are those that would serve the world best by getting themselves murdered…but alas I can never be the facilitator in those matters 🙂

    good poem



  2. There are some people who the world could do without, and there are also people for whom death would be a blessing. There are things that should probably die too, some ideas, and maybe even some civilizations.


  3. Hi Mark… I think many people feel that way. It's a good thing we can't make those judgements off handed… there wouldn't be many people left. 🙂


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