Words Give You Away

de Le Motte, Jean-François, Still Life, detail, 1670
You taught me the alphabet
in time to read your thoughts
of a gruesome deed you performed
while I slept in oblivious nighttime hopes
of love and life and laughter.


A confession found
within the piles of poetry,
short stories and newspaper clippings
of a secret life you lived
while I was blinded by my innocence.


Today you rot in a far off place
with the darkness of whispers and shadows
and the empty thoughts
of your gruesome deeds
and the inability to write them down.

Do I feel sorry for you?

Not today…
                 not today.


Written June 13, 2012
Picture Prompt: Mag 121

5 thoughts on “Words Give You Away

  1. Oh noes Jirabear! Someone pooed in your oatmeal! 😦 I don't know what I would do in your shoes, probably dance but. . . still . . . the whole oatmeal incident would be really haunting…


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