Update 4/30

I’ve been doing a lot of reading lately… finished Game of Thrones and am now reading the second in the series called Clash of Kings. Unfortunately, I’ve noticed throughout my life that when I’m reading a lot, I’m not writing much… and when I’m writing a lot, I’m not reading much. Not sure why exactly since I’ve always considered myself a multi-tasker. I’m sure there’s some logical explanation… personally I think it’s because I get bored with one and therefore lean towards the other until I’m bored again.

In the mean time, I am going to post an old poem from 2010 called Self Inflected Prison… until later… have a great evening!


One thought on “Update 4/30

  1. I read the poem and loved it 🙂 I'm the same, in a way. All this reading of blogs has taken away my will to write and I also don't read many novels. I have several waiting in the wings, but because of all the blogs I read, I think it takes up all my reading time.


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