A Different View


Pull away from me from a different view,
see the depth of my deception.

Understand the imagined innocence of which I have none,
grasp the reasoning of my insanity and strangle it into submission.
For I am forever deception,
forever filled with lies,
forever going to hurt you.
Today I blinked but twice,
once to tell you I am on your side,
that I love you and always will.
And once to admit I can hardly recall your name.

Pull away from me from a different view,
see the depth of my deception.

Written March 25, 2012

The Mag 110

NOTATION: I used this prompt as a practice in writing quickly. As with my blog Fast Fiction Friday which tells the writer to write a story as quickly as possible for 30 minutes, I often do the same with poetry. If I think about the subject too deeply, I often lose the idea completely. I have the ability to write with a set outcome in mind but I find writing without knowing initially where it’s going to be the most fulfilling and successful.

There are places in this one I want to change but also want to leave it as it was initially written. Often when I start messing with my own writing I end up with a feeling of ‘blah’ to the finished product. On the other hand, there is something to be said for rewriting, reworking and republishing. 🙂


21 thoughts on “A Different View

  1. Very good piece…The cool thing is you can save more than one version, and they will all be yours!

    I write my poetry fast, very fast…and I go back and read it about five to ten times before publishing. On some of my work if I have already published I don't need to change it, if it really bothers me It usually rewrites itself before publishing. Sometimes it wont feel quite right and I find it is usually one word, maybe one line that needs to be changed or removed, and that does it for me.
    I am not sure why you are having issues with subscribing to the comment feed on my site…maybe you have to subscribe before you go onto the comment feed????



  2. I like the different view….two sides of a personality.

    I appreciate your process notes and envy you. My writing comes to me slowly and I edit it (but not too much) before I post it.


  3. Hi Mark… I'm glad you liked it. Sometimes I simply save the original and then redo or add to that one. I usually do that if I'm not comfortable with the original but don't want to trash it. I agree… something written that was fueled by emotions is often left 'as is'. 🙂


  4. Hi Wander… yes, I have done that… written a poem and reworked it but being sure to save the original. I've also made the mistake of not saving the original and regretting it.

    I write similarly… use a prompt or just suddenly have a thought and then start writing. I sometimes close my eyes and type like that for a while. Obviously I have to rework it and create the form but it's a lot of fun to just write without thought to punctuation, spelling, sentence form, etc.

    I've noticed on many comments I make to blogs lately that they do not have the 'subscribe' feature if the comment box opens in another window.


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