The Hole


Walk away, leave me here to sleep,
Warm in the shadows, here in the deep.
Wanting me is just a waste of your time,
Like reforming the bowels of a bloody crime.

Give me nothing, leave me here alone,
Cold in my shrine with just my skin and bones.
Don’t give me that look of sympathy and dread,
Even though I’m not with you, I’m certainly not dead.


Written March 13, 2012
Prompt: Mag 108


21 thoughts on “The Hole

  1. Again, there is some strong pacing in there.

    I don't know much about poetry, but I do like/horrified by the imagery of someone trying to reconstruct major sections of the digestive tract in order to cover a violent act.

    I have awarded you an award, funnily enough, to encourage you on sharing what you create. It's called the Kreativ Blogger, and out of the many I do read, you certainly deserve it. Come by my blog and check out.



  2. Hi Mark! You're funny! 🙂

    Sometimes I find that people want to 'save' us from what they perceive as a dark or horrible place. Sometimes they are right… but not always. It's all perspective. 🙂


  3. Thank you Rusty! I'm glad you liked this poem! These are really the best kind for me… the ones I don't think too hard about because when I do that, they fall apart.


  4. Hi there. Sometimes if I “try” to rhym I have a problem usually because I'm stuck going through the alphabet trying to find some word that matches and then it feels forced. This time it seemed to all fit. 🙂


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