Controlled in thought, emotionless,
at ease with change and disruption,
a silent ripple across the pond,
gently traveling
from one side to the other, calm.
Anxious for life to move forward,
tired of the bullshit of yet another individual
needing something and giving nothing,
demanding more than owned.
Controlled in moments, expressionless,
open to the idea of helping,
a smile crosses miles of endless needs,
caring for everyone,
graciously giving more than having.
Obnoxious feelings deep in the depths of the gut,
nauseated by the helplessness of other humans
and their endless whining of never having
more than they’re willing to earn.
January 23, 2012


6 thoughts on “Unveiled

  1. I have to be a grammar nazi I really do but it should be “more than they're willing to earn.” Sorry it's a compulsion. But I did like this, there are a lot of sides to give and take, and usually even if you enjoy giving eventually you will sometimes end up thinking what's the point? Nothing much changes.


  2. Hi Mark… thank you for pointing that out to me… it drives me crazy when people use 'their, there and they're' incorrectly and that was a mistake on my part. I would rather someone say something than let me go along blind to my errors. 🙂

    It seems you understand my poem very well… we go through ups and downs in our own thinking… accepting things and then realizing maybe we shouldn't. Giving too much and then being expected to give.

    Thanks for your comment!


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