Unreasonable Doubt

Fallen from view,
no need to hear me,
no desire to know me,
empty as the hollow heart,
you ignore calls for attention,
you have no pull to my words,
worried I sit and wonder,
was it a word from my lips,
was it a day in time now lost,
I feel the need to fix the wrong,
unknown to me the exact error,
this uncontrollable need to make it right,
this unfathomable need to apologize,
things unknown yet known,
an insult from a compliment,
I am lost in the unknown.

January 20, 2012

12 thoughts on “Unreasonable Doubt

  1. thanks for stopping in today…nice capture of the moment and the emotion…the missing person in our lives who wont answer or help us understand what happened…the unknown can be pretty deep water in that moment…


  2. Hi Brian… yes, I agree… I like your perspective and thank you for commenting. I always like hearing what others see in what I have written… and I like trying to see what others mean in their writing. It's some fun experimentation!


  3. Thanks! I am working on it. I just opened this blog up to the public a week ago so it's fairly new even though I've been posting to it for some time. 🙂


  4. Your use of language is quite balanced, so not only does this one flow well, the words still read lightly despite the subject manner.

    And yet, the subject still eats me


  5. Thank you Rusty… keep it simple but meaningful? Sounds like a good plan.

    I wrote what I felt at that moment… I've lost many words because I didn't write what was going on in my head right then.


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