Stepping through the threshold,

he takes what is his.
Cold in one hand,
hot in the other.
The taste of fruit,
sweet to his mouth,
the taste of her broth
streaming down his throat.
He devours
until there is nothing left,
until no more can be given
and she is left smiling.
Slamming down the glass
and tossing the bowl into the sink,
he thanks her for dinner.

Written: December 19, 2011

Picture credit: Fruit – Deviant Art


10 thoughts on “Anticipation

  1. 🙂
    Well, food is necessary, though sometimes boring.

    Per the dictionary, double entendre is “a word, phrase, etc., that can be interpreted in two ways, esp one having one meaning that is indelicate”.


  2. I read what you wrote in the sidebar and am impressed that you would be willing to share your growth as a writer with us. I went back and read several of your older poems as you asked in your Special Request. I left comments on them. There's a great group of poets on Blogger. The group is called dverse poetry. It's run by a poet named Brian Miller. His blog is called Waystation One and you can find him on my blogroll. You're a very good poet and you should consider following him and joining that group. You'd fit right in.


  3. Thank you so much Anne… I will go and take a look at that group. I would like to find a circle of writers that are mature enough mentally that there is none of the nonsense I've found in other areas of the net. It's kind of crazy out here sometimes.


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