** a few from 1983 **

The poems posted from 1983 cause me to shake my head when I read them because they reflect my self doubt, low self esteem and a desire to be liked by others. I still suffer a little from doubt but my self esteem is much higher and my confidence is something I wish I had a tenth of when I was younger. Thank goodness the passing of time has helped.

That being said, others may read my darker poetry of today and think I’m still that self brooding and depressed kid… not true… I find writing helps me move on or just get thoughts out. And honestly, my poems aren’t “that” dark… and those that are were and are fun to write. Dark poetry is very thought provoking.


4 thoughts on “** a few from 1983 **

  1. MaJira! XD

    It's a lot of fun when people confuse the things we write for the people we are. The funny part is that they'll believe anything terrible you might make up but even the most ordinary and good details will meet disbelief or argument. . . So, who do they believe you are?


  2. I am the Phoenix, of course. 🙂

    … I am the only one who knows who I am and often I am wrong. Writing helps me figure out my own mind or keep me in the dark just a little bit longer. If I could access the other 90% of my brain… I'd be a frigg'n genius!! 😉


  3. I can so relate to this…
    A lot of what I write on my blog is past stuff, and some of it is pretty raw and ugly, but it was my past. Those events make good reading also…



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