An Important Post

Yes, this is my first actual post on this blog. At the moment, it is set to only allow me to view it, that is, until such time that I can let down my guard and let others come on in and test the water. 🙂

Poetry has always been a great release for me, allowing the feelings to flow without others putting me down for having such thoughts. It also allowed me to deal with those feelings in the best way I could at the moment the poem was written. This is still true today as an adult however its use is different to me. Now I understand how to deal with basic emotions just through the thought process alone… I don’t need to write it down. How I find it useful now is to tap into thoughts and feelings I don’t know I’m having. I can sit and write a poem based on a prompt from someone else or I can just write and see where the words lead me.

Today I am more inclined to write dark poetry and more often than not, it tells a story… free verse and in some rare instances, prose. I can and do write formed poetry but since I usually write with no structure in mind, I am often left with free verse. Every now and then I challenge myself with a structured poem.


2 thoughts on “An Important Post

  1. I have made it to your first post…

    Here is something for you
    9/5/10 is the date of my first ever pros…I didnt learn how to write until after then. everything I knew came from reading thousands of books. I try to tell people that I couldnt write and they don't believe me. I have learned by using my blog. thank you for sharing your poems with me. The first real written poem that came from me was in april of 2011.


  2. My poetry comes in waves… I only wrote about twenty poems total between 2006-2008. Not sure why but I guess I just wasn't in the mood. Then in 2010 I went crazy and wrote all the time. Between then and now I've written several poems. I will be adding them gradually to my blog… don't want to bomb the place. 🙂


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