Tree Nymph

Playing innocence, she breathes in the forest air
and breathes out the musty scent
of promises made and never kept.

The tree nymph sits upon her throne,
waiting for her hero,
singing mystical tunes to bring him to her.

He arrives to find her smiling softly in his direction,
beckoning him to come closer,
deeper into her forest realm.

Upon her cheek he places the gentlest of kisses,
sending tingles throughout her body
and down to the roots of her soul.

She is pretty, lovely to be sure,
but her keeper is jealous
and will not let the prince have her love.

Limbs fall upon his head,
branches reach out for him and twist his body
into the trunk of the tree god, savoring his essence.

Tears fall upon her cheek
where his kiss once held her in a trance,
now where only sorrow lives.

Her innocence broken
knowing all too well the tree god will take them,
take all who come for her.

She weeps, only to bring life
to the branches enslaving her to her throne,
forever lonely yet never left alone.

Written: February 26, 2011 (picture prompt)


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