Butterflies Be Damned

So many say
they would never erase
a single drop of blood
from their past’s embrace.

Everything happens
for a reason and with poise.
I have said that many times,
but retract my voice.

One experience
I could do without,
it brings me pain
and a mind filled with doubt.

And no step
forward that I make,
will remove that decision,
and heal this horrible heartache.

But if I could erase
that one lonely meeting,
that one seductive smile,
that one compelling embrace;
heaven help me,
but I would,
and the consequences
I would gladly face.

November 23, 2010


2 thoughts on “Butterflies Be Damned

  1. I sometimes think this but then I know I wouldn't do it. A lot of things have hurt me in the past but I'm where I am now and I don't mind where I am so much. I might find it hard to live with the past, but this present isn't so bad, and I don't want to contemplate what may have happened.


  2. The irony of this poem is that for the life of me, I can not remember what I was writing about… which tells me that erasing the past would be a waste of time. We are able to deal with our past regrets and missteps without getting rid of them. So, I agree with you… there are things we look back at and say ‘I would not do that again’ but we can’t go back, so saying it is easy. Every corner we take leads us to where we are now… and depending on where that is really dictates how much we want to erase. Thanks for your comment… I really appreciate it!!


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