At Home on the Moon

Echoes of another
place and time, that I call Earth,
seem distant to me now.

Far away and empty,
filled with green pastures
and sky scrapers, I do not call it home.

It is twilight on the moon tonight
as I look at the ocean below
calling out to me, pointless in effort.

In the morn of the moon
I gaze once again at the land
that watches me, endless is its probing.

Up close and carefree,
in the man-made dome I reside;
I am, at last, peacefully fulfilled.

Echoes of this new place
and time that I call home
drown me with moments of joy.

Written: 8-11-10


10 thoughts on “At Home on the Moon

  1. Thanks Mark… this was one of those prompts where I had to write a poem about the moon that was not the typical 'longing for the moon' but instead based on living it and looking at the Earth.


  2. Did I delete your comment? I saw it, clicked to read it and apparently deleted it? If I did, I apologize, it was not my intention. Please feel free to re-post it if you like… I believe it was one of your own poems which I will try to find. 🙂


  3. Of nights,

    Of nights when I would sit and stare
    I would tell you of this thing in the air
    Around the world its journey goes
    How sad its view must be
    Always to look at the world below
    Having to see, never to know
    That’s the gift, it says to me
    Longing in life may be sad
    Knowing dreams unfulfilled
    Now that…that I cannot have
    Of nights when I would sit and stare
    Beyond the moon my dreams may be
    Stagnating here is too much for me

    Chris McQueeney 8/8/11


  4. Thank you for re-adding this!
    The moon does bring on a sense of wanting to do more and there's always something to do that we never get around to. The moon, so large compared to us and yet so small in comparison to the universe. 🙂


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