Breaking out in a cold sweat –
I sit silently,
trying to keep myself from screaming;
wanting desperately to scream.

Emotions sink deep in me –
shaking my being.
They wear masks I cannot envision,
when I, in turn, adorn them.

Rocking on the very edge –
forward over the
jagged cliffs below and up and back
against the black cold stoned wall.

Music echoes in my head –
ringing in deaf ears
that bleed from too much explosive noise;
pounding endlessly in me.

A jumbled mess of a life
that I can’t control –
clenching my warn teeth, I hide behind
a busy world of bondage.

Written September 18, 2009


This is one of my favorites poems of my own poetry… I suppose because it was one of the most honest of myself at that time. I was also successful in using syllables repeatedly from stanza to stanza. The first few stanzas it occurred naturally and then when I got to the last two stanzas I had to do some adjusting. 

I believe one of the most fulfilling feelings is when you look at your own work and it just feels right. I have not accomplished that feeling with all of my writing, that is for sure… but this one does make me nod in approval. :o)


6 thoughts on “Cracked

  1. It is good to feel that your own work is right, and it barely ever happens to me. So it feels especially good when it does. This is really good and is very honest and emotional, so kudos.


  2. My JiRa! Nutty nutty nutty stuff! Um… XD out of nowhere I remembered a different poem I read by someone calling themselves “Twisted Butterfly”, it's one of my favorites I haven't thought about in a long time. I don't remember the title but it starts something like “Broken twisted out of bounds // lost with no return // their pain igniting oxygen // intense they watch it burn”. I could be wrong but that's how I remember it starting. Relevant anyway, look it up JiRa XD Maybe you will like it too.


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