The Bus Stop


Perhaps the bus
will stop for me today –
take me on a journey
some distance into the future.
It leaves me here,
forever in my strangled past
and haunts me with its vapors.

I tried to hail a taxi just now,
but without luck –
all I wanted was a quick ride
to far away and lonely.
But it left me here again,
forever dwelling
on yesterday’s mask of promises.

I tried to hitch a ride with a stranger
(my skirt a little too high) –
in hopes of going to
somewhere; anywhere.
But he ignored me
with a glance of contempt
and bid farewell with a vulgar salute.

Perhaps the ambulance
will stop for me today –
and take me away with haste
to the emergency room.
It leaves me here instead
to bleed from old wounds
blessing the sidewalk with my ignorance.

Written August 26, 2009


One thought on “The Bus Stop

  1. That was quite dark really. Made me think as well of how much we wait for other things, other people, to come and take us somewhere, instead of just moving on ourselves.


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